ARDXX Products


Protocol Management

The Protocol module handles entire protocol process from initiation to approval, the complete process is fully automated. Only the Principle Investigator has the privilege to create a protocol.


Animal Management

The Animals module features importing of animals, CBC, Mamu, Elisa, Viral load. Only Principal Investigator and Research Scientist have full authority to access this Animal module.


Research Study Management

The Research study module handles all Research study related functionality. it allows the user to create study, procedures, adding animals to the study, and schedule the procedures. Recurring schedule..


Clinical Management

The Clinical module enables users to automate all clinical procedures including treatments, TB and Physical. TB and Physical procedures can be scheduled as individual or bulk. The technician will ..

What is ARDXX

ARDXX (Animal Research Data Management System) is the next generation tool to manage animal research data. It is a one stop solution that captures and stores animal research information electronically. This user friendly and efficient tool greatly reduces the time spent in logging and categorizing research data.

This powerful tool not only improves your operational efficiency, but also saves on time and expenses. It has all the features that allow for privacy and information security while eliminating user dependence on hard copies. Research specialists would no longer need to spend extra time sorting through data or finding space to store hardcopies. This tool resolves all data issues and eliminates redundancy.

ARDXX Benefits

  •  Single point of access to research data
  •  Controlled access to the users based on the role
  •  Access, save and retrieve data on demand
  •  Reconciliation improves data quality
  •  Recurring schedule saves time and improves efficiency
  •  Automation reduces dependency and improves productivity
  •  Historical data helps to compare past and current variation

Additional Features

The dashboard gives a bird’s eye view of the key performance indicators based on the role of the user. Submodules such as all protocols, Protocols to be reviewed, unassigned animals and delegated to the user can be obtained based on the role of the user. The tasks are differentiated and displayed on the calendar depending on the role of the user. The user can view past, current, and future schedules of research/clinical procedures on a selected calendar month.

In the administrator module, we have pre-defined roles with default permissions and users. The administrator can override specific roles/permissions and customize the permissions using guest roles.

The client module helps to create and manage client information. Each client will have at least one or more charge codes. For internal purposes, the facility will have its own charge code called overhead charge codes (OHCC). Only the Account manager can access the client module.

The Delegate module handles the delegation activity. Access to a protocol/study can be delegated for a specific time period and will be revoked automatically after the time period expires.

All research and clinical procedure schedules are implemented by Veterinary Technician or Laboratory Technician. Technician will follow the schedule from the dashboard calendar.

This is where the user can customize the query to view the data required. There are two categories in it, Dynamic Query and Ad hoc.

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